Straight to the Pro’s

One and done is a complete waste of time, especially given these players are not planning to graduate. I think the NBA needs to work the NCAA to provide an avenue to use the g-league to better fit the needs of these players.

Here is what I propose:

-Take the top 15 prospects and have them try out for a team that will play in the g-league.

-Add the players that make the cut to a g-league team run by the NBA
-Provide coaching, instruction, and financial management courses

-Give players a max of two years on the team to get drafted.
-If the player is not drafted they can either stay in the g-league or go to college dependant on if the NCAA is onboard to help.

Most years the top 15 prospects don’t really change from pre-season to end of college season baring an injury, so why make those players play one year of college basketball to make someone else money when they should be allowed to make money off their own image and likeness? Moving these players out of college basketball will water down the college product but will allow those scholarships to be used on another player that will most likely stay with the program. But given the parity of college basketball this could be an even better move from a competitive standpoint since more teams will have a chance at a title.

My plan seems grand, and most likely will have a ton of critics, but I think giving a young player and option to pursue their dreams and possibly fall back on school seems like a “real” world thing to do. But why do something that makes sense for the “student” athlete.