Lebron James: Respect His Greatness

Like him or not, you have to respect Lebron’s greatness and his impact on the teams and the players around him after earning his eighth straight NBA finals appearance.


Some would say that the players on this year’s Cavalier team were subpar, but when you look at the roster carefully you had competent three point shooting in Kyle Korver, Kevin Love, and JR Smith. Athleticism in Larry Nance Jr. and solid role players such as Tristan Thompson and George Hill which essentially work out to a roster that matches Lebron’s unique skill set.


In order to get a to the finals a “Great” player must make other players around him better. Lebron has shown he can do that year after year. It’s not to say the players on his teams are below average, it’s more about his ability to get shooters going early in games or by finding open teammates for easy looks. He’s more Magic than Michael, looking to get is teammates going before taking games over. Often sacrificing his own offense to find an open teammate. Simply put, it’s time to actually acknowledge that Lebron is a great player and to appreciate what he brings to the game before he leaves it.


Kobe wasn’t everybody’s favourite player, but eventually you had to respect his competitiveness and work ethic. But this “respect” only came towards the end of his career.


When most players are slowing down, Lebron just keeps going. Constantly working, improving, and leading his teams to greatness each year.


Take a moment to finally appreciate him.